How does the VSITOO mug work?
The difference between the VSITOO and the normal mug or mug warmer is that, both of them can keep something “Hot”, but VSITOO smart mug not only self heating your beverage, but keep your favorite hot beverage at your perfect drinking temperature always. It is powered by rechargeable battery, and controlled by APP or button, make it easy to enjoy your favorite beverage at favorite temperature indoor or outside.
How to use use the VSITOO Mug?
Simply pour in your favorite hot beverage and VSITOO smart mug will do the rest. You can choose the temperature of different drinks according to different types of drinks, while the led light will tell you the real-time temperature of the drink, you can also download the VSITOO APP, customize the temperature of various types of drinks on your phone, one step to achieve the temperature control, and you can also find more functions in the app.
Can I put the VSITOO mug in microwave?
VSITOO smart mug has the function of self heating and temperature controlled, instead of put it into the microwave oven additionally, moreover, As with all other electronics, high temperature inside the microwave oven will damage it, it may result in a fire as well.
Can I use it without APP?
Yes, of course, it's exclusively designed to be a smart mug that can be controlled either by your smartphone or by the button, supporting either of the two method, More convenient and user-friendly.
How long does the VSITOO mug battery last?
We've upgraded this through feedback from our customers around the world. The VSITOO mug - 14 oz was designed to last for up to 2.0 hours in hot at a set temperature of 135°F.Meanwhile, the battery life depends on a number of factors including but not limited to: external temperature, liquid temperature at pour, speed of liquid consumption, and your set temperature.
Is the VSITOO Mug compatible with my smartphone? (Android or IOS)
Usually,  VSITOO APP software is compatible with Android and IOS system, you can search VSITOO in Apple app store, or Google play store, or browser and download it, pair with VSITOO mug via Bluetooth.