VSITOO 스마트 여행 머그 - H1

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VSITOO 스마트 자동차 난방 보틀 따뜻함을 함께 느끼며 여행하고 음료를 즐기세요. 한 키로 물 끓이기, 이중벽 스테인레스 스틸 보온, 내부 플러그 99.9% 항균, 양방향 압력 완화 밸브가 있습니다.

  • Portable and Multi Function】- It not only be used as a Car Electric Kettle, but also a vacuum Bottle. It will not leak water when put in your bag, it is more convenient to carry, perfect for travel or business trip. You can enjoy hot water, tea and coffee anytime in your car, or prepare milk for baby.
  • 【Widely Used Car Heating Bottle】- DC12V~24V can be used, can be used in various cars, buses, trucks, automatically adapt, and there are High and low power adjustable, only a few old car models need to be adjusted. On-demand selection and intelligent conversion. Must-haves for your trip!
  • 【One Key to Boil Water】- Using the latest electromagnetic heating technology, the 12V/24V Car Kettle heats up water to 100℃ in 25 minutes. When the water is up to 100℃, it will automatically power off to ensure safety use.
  • 【AVOID SCALDING +LEAKAGE PROOF】- Newly upgraded exhaust vents of the travel kettle electric small, which can help reduce the pressure when boiling water. With the integrated seamless interior and sealing ring in the lid, the water will be tightly locked inside the kettle so that no water droplet will leak from the bottom of the lid of the portable kettle for travel even after a long ride. And the double-wall design can provide the safe touch and reduce the noise of boiling water.
  • 【316 STAINLESS STEEL+ ANTI-LIMESCALE COATING】- The inner tank of the mini electric kettle is made of 316 stainless steel, which is a higher grade than 304 stainless steel, 100% BPA free, To relieve the formation of the limescale and provide consumers with healthy drinking water, we utilize a special food-grade Anti-Limescale Coating on the surface of the inner pot. No more rust, limescale and odors after owning the hot water kettle electric!

• The bottle is made of three layers of 316 stainless steel
• Lid is made of food contact PP material
• Silicone sealing ring


•How does the VSITOO mug work?
The difference between the VSITOO and the normal mug or mug warmer is that, both of them can keep something “Hot”, but VSITOO smart mug not only self heating your beverage, but keep your favorite hot beverage at your perfect drinking temperature always. It is powered by rechargeable battery, and controlled by APP or button, make it easy to enjoy your favorite beverage at favorite temperature indoor or outside.
•How to use use the VSITOO Mug?
How to use use the VSITOO Mug?
Simply pour in your favorite hot beverage and VSITOO smart mug will do the rest. You can choose the temperature of different drinks according to different types of drinks, while the led light will tell you the real-time temperature of the drink, you can also download the VSITOO APP, customize the temperature of various types of drinks on your phone, one step to achieve the temperature control, and you can also find more functions in the app.
•Can I put my Travel Mug in the Microwave?
Do not microwave the VSITOO Travel Mug! The VSITOO Travel Mug is an electronic device, which should never go in a microwave. As with all electronics and metals, it may result in a fire when heated up in the microwave. Doing so will result in permanent damage to your Travel Mug.
•Do I have to have a smart phone for the VSITOO Travel Mug to work?
No! Your VSITOO Travel Mug can be used completely independent of the phone by tapping Press and hold the bottom button for 5 seconds to turn it on, then every time you press the button, the temperature will change(warm-hot-steaming) on the mug to select your temperature.
•How long does the Vsitoo Travel Mug battery last?
The Vsitoo Travel Mug was designed to last an average of 2 hours on the go. The two-hour battery life is expected when pouring in liquid hot, and a set temperature of 131°F. If you like it cooler, your battery will last longer, and if you like it hotter, battery will decrease slightly.

The battery life will also vary based on a number of external factors such as: external temperature, liquid temperature at pour, speed of liquid consumption, set temperature, whether the lid is on or off, and much more.
•Is the VSITOO Mug compatible with my smartphone? (Android or IOS)
Usually, VSITOO APP software is compatible with Android and IOS system, you can search VSITOO in Apple app store, or Google play store, or browser and download it, pair with VSITOO mug via Bluetooth.

VSITOO Smart Connection / Boil water with one key, Start smart & portable travel
Double-wall stainless steel insulation / Vacuum insulation, anti-scald design
Inner layer 316 cup body / 99.9% antibacterial inner plug
Two-way pressure relief valve / Safety anti-dry

VSITOO H1 Smart Car Heating Bottle

Smart connection open smart life,Turn on the Bluetooth,
connect to the vsitoo APP,check the status of the water cup in real time,define the heating and heat preservation temperature of the water cup,and travel warmly all the way.


One key to boil watertravel more convenient

Boil water at the touch of a switch It only takes 25 minutes from quiet to boiling, and the self-driving journey is warm and accompanied.


Dual Voltage Identification Adapt to a variety of models

12/24V dual voltage intelligent identification, unlimited current available for all models Low-voltage protection technology makes it easier to boil water when traveling.


99.9% Antibacterial Rate

Drink a glass of healthy water



Download and Connect to the Free vsitoo App to Remind yourself to replenish water.


  • Silicone sealing ring

    Silicone sealing ring

  • Austenitic 316 stainless steel liner

    Austenitic 316 stainless steel liner

  • Anti-slip silicone bottom

    Anti-slip silicone bottom

  • Anti-pulling socket

    Anti-pulling socket



  • size